Milano Unica and Première Vision - Fall Winter 2014

Milano Unica and Première Vision - Fall Winter 2014

Lanificio Luigi Colombo, the world leader in the production of noble fibre fabrics, on the occasion of Fall-Winter 2014 Milano Unica and Premiere Vision exhibitions, presents

iSilk, a new collection of fabrics in pure silk with a cashmere touch and look but with the matchless lightness of the fibre obtained from the silkworm. Dream sportcoats and suits are developed with refined designs enhanced by the fineness of the yarns. One of the sportcoats has a brushed surface and, among the suiting fabrics, one weighs just 200 grams per meter.

Silk is also offered in a blend with cashmere for luxury sportcoats with a structured ground obtained through the contrasted brightness of the two fibres. The coating weights are developed in cashmere, cashmere-vicuna, cashmere-chinchilla, cashmere-mink and are offered with brushed and melton finishing, both in plain colors and designs.

Cashmere-beaver and cashmere-sable coats are a great novelty of this season, meant for a timeless luxury.

The special Thermo® treatment can be applied to all qualities: it is water resistant and it enhances the thermoregulatory properties of all natural fibres.

Regarding garment dyed fabrics, in addition to cashmere and cashmere-silk coatings and jacketings, two unlined sportcoats belonging to the iSilk family are offered in a brushed melange and a bicoloured double face. The cashmere coating meant for garment dye is also presented bonded with a jersey technical fabric for a luxurious upscale casual look.

The collection is completed by extrafine suits in 150's and silk, together with the new wool/silk/cashmere suit and patterned jackets in worsted and carded pure cashmere.