Milano Unica and Première Vision - Spring Summer 2014

Milano Unica and Première Vision - Spring Summer 2014

Lanificio Luigi Colombo, the world's top producer of Noble Fibres, will be showing at the two most important textile trade fairs Milano Unica in Milan and Première Vision in Paris – Spring Summer 2014 edition – and will be introducing:


The Spring Summer 2014 Collection of Lanificio Colombo looks to the future by offering a wide range of high-tech fabrics. The Collection, an expression of the excellence of the Made in Italy label, represents the symbiosis between tradition and modernity, capable of interpreting the comfort that has become style.

The family of the ICE TECHNOLOGY fabrics, both for jackets and suits, expanded and sophisticated through years of continuing development and research, embodies a way of being 'dynamic and cosmopolitan'. The structures of lightweight summer fabrics, elegant and refined, show extraordinary isothermal properties: all articles can maintain a cool body 'microclimate' while being water resistant in humid climates.

The collection includes:

ICE CASHMERE luxurious cashmere and silk fabric for a fresh and elegant jacket.

ICE MOHAIR a light wool/silk/mohair fabric, in bright colours with the advantage of never creasing or wrinkling the right choice for a timeless suit.

ICE WOOL superlight wool & silk fabric of 160 gr/mt in refined patterns, suitable for tropical suits and a superlight double-faced bi-coloured jacketing cloth of 200 gr/mt.

ICE LINEN a wool/silk/linen fabric developed in a very brilliant and bright palette, ideal for a casual look.

ICE COTTON cotton and cashmere fabric of 200 gr/mt that combines the freshness of cotton with the softness of cashmere, developed both in solid colours and in fancy designs perfect for a soft jacket.

ICE TECHNO stretch wool/nylon fabric for a young and attractive look. The high stretch performance of this cloth makes it ideal for a modern dress.

The colour palette of the collection ranges from the super-classical navy, expression of masculine elegance, to sand tones. The ICE collection also offers fabrics suitable for garment dye pieces, in a more sporty look.