New Opening of Colombo Boutique in Rome, Via Borgognona

New Opening of Colombo Boutique in Rome, Via Borgognona

Lanificio Luigi Colombo, the largest weaver of cashmere and noble fibers, is opening in Rome.

"The simple story of a difficult job" of three generations that have devoted their life to excellence, combining tradition with modernity. It is a vertical course, consisting of finely-honed ability and expertise, beginning with the research of raw materials and continuing with fabrics and ready-to-wear, thus guaranteeing the total quality control. It is a philosophy that expresses Colombos devotion to creativity in the transformation of noble fibers into exclusive garments. It is a way of being that goes beyond fashion to become a lifestyle. The passion of a family, the mission of a company.

The Colombo family, in close cooperation with Massimiliano Sermoneta, is opening a new boutique in Rome, Via Borgognona, one of the most elegant shopping venues of the capital. This is a step forward in the strategy of the distribution of the Colombo brand in the world. The franchising project set up with "Massimiliano Sermoneta Luxury Living" might develop into significant presence in the most prestigious European locations.

Massimiliano Sermoneta, descendant of the illustrious family and following in his fathers footsteps has always been a precursor of projects in the world of luxury and lifestyle. He is now starting a new journey interpreting the taste of timeless luxury, where the nobility of materials are associated with the novelty of colors, melding into a sophisticated experience.

The company has always considered the customer the main aim of its mission, focusing on all his requirements by assuring the absolute dedication in the retail management to infuse the value of the product to the consumer. The new boutique extends for 18 meters along the prestigious street and features 8 windows that convey the look and luxury of the collections. The interior occupies an area of 140 square meters and is divided in four rooms. Each one is dedicated to a specific range of products: womenswear, menswear, accessories and home. All the collections are located in an appropriate atmosphere that conveys the Colombo lifestyle supported by careful merchandising. The space dedicated to the home collection is a lounge with a fireplace, bookshelves and couches covered with precious fabrics from the weaving mill. A special niche has been reserved to Vicuña, thus emphasizing the nobility and exclusiveness of the garments and accessories produced with the "fiber of gods". The new boutique inspires a harmonious feeling of luxury that reflects the quality and values of Colombo.