Lanificio Colombo supports and protects Inner and Outer Mongolia herders’ future livelihoods

Lanificio Colombo supports and protects Inner and Outer Mongolia herders’ future livelihoods

Noble fibers passion and respect for the environment have always distinguished Lanificio Colombo. This engagement has grown and put down roots in time, in addition to looking after new needs of those people who live in a cramped but fascinating territory.

The unpredictable climate changes and the use of herding areas, sometimes improper, have been caused some critical issues through Inner and Outer Mongolia, the main area from where finest cashmere comes. To safeguard the population, a structural participation in community organization was urgently requested. Lanificio Colombo immediately reacted to this aid request, in order to save these beautiful lands and the people who live there, joining Sustainable Fiber Alliance Association (SFA), a non-profit international organization which works in:

- the safeguarding of territories with a Development Code, used by herding communities to protect and restore vulnerable grasslands that support cashmere fiber production respecting biodiversity

- animal protection with a Safeguard Code that leads to guaranteeing livestock breeding systems in compliance with animal welfare, especially during a very harsh climate season.

- communities and future generations support, creating sustainment networks to herders' families to help them during market oscillations, allowing herds to grow through a livestock breeding program addressed to quality and best fiber selection** choosing grasslands only after an accurate evaluation about environmental impact and an economical support against risks caused by critical climate conditions.

Education, development and sustainable economics are very important goals for Lanificio Colombo and Sustainable Fiber Alliance organization, which aims to help Mongolian herders' communities.

Protecting and sustaining future native generations of Inner and Outer Mongolia is a mission for Lanificio Colombo. It cares for transforming noble fibers into excellent cloths as well as guaranteeing a future to young people living in those far lands, full of time-honored traditions. Colombo lifestyle is where values become culture and culture becomes quality.