Beige pure cashmere king size blanket
Beige pure cashmere king size blanket
Beige pure cashmere king size blanket
Beige pure cashmere king size blanket

Beige pure cashmere king size blanket

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This precious 260 x 215 cm blanket for king size bed is made out of 100% finest cashmere fibres, directly selected by Lanificio Colombo among the best Hircus goats of Inner Mongolia and then processed in the Italian plant at the foot of the Alps. The blanket is also embellished by a slightly contrasting colour cashmere edging. The superior quality of the precious cashmere fabric enhances the warmth and the softness of this accessory.


This blanket is made out of the most precious cashmere from the Inner Mongolia, directly selected on site by Lanificio Colombo. Lanificio Colombo is one of the fewest companies in the world able to guarantee the complete supervision of the entire cashmere production chain, from the purchase of the fibres and the manufacturing process, that takes place in its plant surrounded by the green slopes of an Italian alpine valley, to the garment.


A highly valuable accessory that cannot be missing from a luxurious house. It's the perfect present for major occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. The natural colour of cashmere suits perfectly any home style.


Composition: 100% cashmere
Size: 260 x 215 cm
Colour: beige with beige edge
Made in Italy


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The simple story of a difficult job

Lanificio Luigi Colombo is the world leader in the production of cashmere and noble fibres fabrics.The research of raw materials, high technology and long experience in craftsmanship are the distinguishing features of a philosophy where values become culture and culture becomes quality.