Black Kid Cashmere turtleneck sweater
Black Kid Cashmere turtleneck sweater
Black Kid Cashmere turtleneck sweater
Black Kid Cashmere turtleneck sweater

Black Kid Cashmere turtleneck sweater

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The Kid Cashmere turtleneck sweater is plain-knitted and it features micro-ribbed collar, hem and cuffs. Soft and enveloping, it's an essential item that every man should own in his winter wardrobe.


The Kid Cashmere yarn is obtained from the duvet of young Hircus goats. The natural moult of the hair allows to collect the precious, exclusive and featherlight fiber, totally respecting the animals and the environment. The raw material is then wisely transformed , according to the skills and high technology of the Colombo tradition. The result is the Kid Cashmere thread which will be interpreted in a unique, exclusive and very soft knitwear for menswear and ladieswear. It is the long and fascinating tranformation journey of one of the rarest and most precious noble fibers into true excellence: the Kid Cashmere.


The cashmere turtleneck sweater is a versatile garment that can be worn under a blazer, but works perfectly with informal and casual-chic outfits too. A classic of menswear that every man should own in his wardrobe.


Composition: 100% Kid Cashmere
Colour: black
Micro-ribbed collar, cuffs, hem
Made in Italy


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The simple story of a difficult job

Lanificio Luigi Colombo is the world leader in the production of cashmere and noble fibres fabrics.The research of raw materials, high technology and long experience in craftsmanship are the distinguishing features of a philosophy where values become culture and culture becomes quality.